My theoretical study in Alfred reflects arts in Semiotics, Cognitive Science, Evolutionary Psychology, Communication Theory, and so on: throughout my practice, I’d like to question myself how people perceive “things” in various art forms and disciplines.  Throughout my theoretical study, I focused on Semiotics including early Semiology, Structuralism, and Postmodernism.  I’m familiar with studies of Ferdinand de Saussure, Jacques Lacan, C.S. Peirce, Michel Foucalt, Roland Barthes, and Jacques Deridda. 

My art practice includes 2D image creation/manipulation, photography, film/video, sonic art, interactive installation, performance, and printmaking: I haven’t discriminated any art medium in my practice, and I have tried to utilize any existing medium for the vehicle that delivers the intended message.  Also, I have tried to utilize empirical research methods, that I learned from working on my B.S. degree in Molecular Biology, in both my own practice and teaching.

My works metaphorically explore how technologies are used in various art disciplines and how people perceive these art “products” in various dynamics.  I studied Sonic Arts with Andrew Deutsch and Video with Peer Bode at Alfred University and Digital Media with Lev Manovich at UC San Diego.  Jessie Shefrin, Dean of Graduate Study at Rhode Island School of Art & Design, had influenced a lot to my media research while I studied with her at Alfred.



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