Dr. Soonsook Myung, D.M.A.

Nam has teamed up with Dr. Myung and conducted research on modern music and its reception since 2006. Their primary research concern is how people understand and perceive music in general.  Their researches have been presented at various sites, including schools and conferences in CA, CO, MT, NY, PA, and WI.

Dr. Iltae Kim, Ph. D.

Nam is planning to host Dr. Iltae Kim, Assistant Professor of Cartoon & Animation at Chosun University, South Korea. They will conduct a research on Study & Developement of Animation image on the Video Culture System of Common Traffic System(concentrated on Subway's Screen Door & Video guide Pannel of Busstop). Dr. Kim currently serves as a Trustee of Executive Committee of SICAF, Seould International Cartoon & Animation Festival.

Prof. Andrew Deutsch

Nam with Prof. Deutsch plan to work on the reception of experimental music in general. It will bring an interesting aspect of modern experimental music into current study of sonic arts. Prof. Deutsch currently works as Associate Professor of Sonic Arts at Expand Media, Alfred University and has released numorous CDs of his experimental music. His work has shared worldwide, including MoMa.




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