Collective Work Samples.

(8 2D images - Digital Print)

(2 Interactive Arts)

(Web Design from 2002-2004)


(10min. flash video - 15 time-based work examples)

1. “Fluxion” Documentation (Video Installation) - 0’30”
2. “Fluxion” Excerpt (Experimental Video) - 1’00”
3. “Sensor Board” Documentation (Electronic Invention) - 1’00”
4. “Skin Study” Documentation (Mixed Media/Installation) - 0’30”
5. “Skin” (Experimental Video) - 0’54”
6. “Silent Scream” Excerpt (Experimental Video) - 1’00”
7. “Noise Study” Documentation (Mixed Media/Installation) - 0’36”
8. “Noise” Excerpt (Experimental Video) - 1’00”
9. “Sharing” Documentation (Interactive Installation) - 0’30”
10. “Alice in WWW” Documentation (OpenGl/Computer Game) - 0’30”
11. “Socialization” Documentation (Sound Installation) - 0’30”
12. “Transforms: New Video & Sound” (Real-time Performance) - 0’30”
13. “Love: Gentle Friction” Documentation (Real-time Performance) - 0’30”
14. “Unstopping Time” Excerpt (Experimental Video) - 0’30”
15. “OpenGL” Student Work (OpenGl/Computer Programming) - 0’30”

  • Fluxion

Water surface simulation using OpenGl – edited with heavily processed audio using Final Cut Pro

  • Sensor Board

Electronic invention: modified keyboard that allows user to use sensors instead of pushing buttons on traditional keyboard

  • Skin Study

Experimental video using low resolution scanner: utilizing main concept of communication theory and challenging pre-conceived notion of certain things that we take for granted

  • Silent Scream

Munch’s Scream was scanned and broken down into 9400 pieces: these pieces were reconstructed in repetitive pattern, or structure.

  • Noise

Experimental video inspired by Stan Brakhage: video clips were intentionally destroyed by the artist and various textures were created as if they represented different styles of strokes in abstract painting.

  • Sharing

Interactive installation: sharing men’s urinating experience with women

  • Alice in WWW

3D computer game coded using OpenGl that represents our daily addiction to the Internet.

  • Socialization

Sound installation: an experiment converting a whole glassed room into a big speaker using current technology

  • Transforms: New Video & Sound

Real-time performance using imag/ine, noise generator, and mixers: it was a result of experiment with “comprovisation.”

  • Love: Gentle Friction

Noise-based sonic art performance: an experiment using “comprovisation” to share my sensitivity toward noise, which has been treated as an agent with negative connotation in communication model

  • Unstopping Time

Experimental video: my own response to Brakhage’s Mothlight

  • OpenGL

Student work: artificial intelligence with proximity test

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