Alice in WWW

Alice in WWW, Weird Wired Wonderland reflects our daily addiction to this wired Internet world that most of us participate in. Sometimes, I feel so lost in this bizarre virtual world that exists online with signals of “on” and “off.” These online communities take physical interaction away from us.

Visiting some places online virtually, after all, means sitting in front of one’s monitor and not-visiting anywhere physically. How about life existed online? It has so short periodic lifecycle - it’d be terminated when computer is turned off. Personally, I don’t value much of online activities that I take part in. Yet, some heartbreaking feelings are there when I got disconnected. I guess we all feel the same when we are "disconnected" from something. But, this daily practice of disconnecting we have online de-sensitize us. We no more value relationship in real world because we are so used to disconnect and re-connect just by a single click.

After all, I see myself as Alice in this huge weird wired wonderland, wandering around without a particular reason and without knowing what happens next. Then, whatever I do will be fade in my analogue memory after I turn off the computer. Maybe, as many Chinese philosophers shared, our life is momentarily like that. Virtual Reality. Virtual, after all, means highly manipulated, which means not-real. However, it still reflects the real world on its surface.

Technical aspects:

* 2D pictures are manipulated in 3D virtual reality environment using cylinderical shaped 3D modeling and texture mapping in OpenGL.
* Some gaming strategies are adapted for reflecting our daily activities online.

Some questions:

* Virtual as not real. Although it's 3D programming, it's not really 3D as long as it's displayed on 2D monitor surface. Then, what'd be truly 3D?
* Visual manipulation and psychological manipulation - what is their relationship?

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