Silent Scream

By breaking one of the most famous paintings, Scream by Munch, into small frames with pre-calculated ratio, I try to present this well-known painting as series of half-tone frames with color information. When the original painting is reproduced as a print, richness of the painting is reduced to its half tone. And, when this half toned reproduction gets enlarged, certain pattern is generated due to its continuation in certain form.

Unstopping Time

Scanned images of a small plain, not colorful dead moth found in my apartment at upstate New York were digitally processed and presented as series of animated images. By enlarging and distorting in various light conditions, a part of wing no more is recognizable and appears as abstract contour maps of color and light.


In Life (Video, 2004), I set my point of view at a subway station and watched a subway train coming. Here, I thought of the very first film by the Lumiere brothers, The Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat. As I watched the train coming, I skimmed through people’s faces and their reactions at subway station in New York City and saw my very own life overlapped with the faces I saw. There are fundamental questions in our lives. They seem to be very important when we think of them. Yet, as time goes by, these things blur into our life. These things keep coming back from time to time. But, once it passes certain point, these things become less important and even meaningless at certain point. The video Life is about that transition.


Natural phenomenon, water wave, is simulated with OpenGL programming, and then re-digitized for further editing. Sound was taken from Bridgeport, CT, and synched with the visuals. I try to achieve to make a digital representation of natural event within mathematically calculated space. Fluxion is the action of flowing or changing, and it is also something subjected to such action. It is true that wave simulation as one collective event is governed by mathematical equations, yet each individual movement of water particles affects one another and creates various fluctuations of situated events.

Isaac Newton wrote a book entitled, Method of Fluxion. Method of fluxions is “the part of calculus that deals with the variation of a function with respect to changes in the independent variable (or variables) by means of the concepts of derivative and differential.” This method of fluxion is well applied to mathematical event, at the same time to our own life.


The problem I set out to Skin is about communication theory. Scholars in this field have studied how messages are delivered from sender to receiver. In Skin, I laid out the pictures from the book in frames. At the beginning, because of the use of filters and short time interval, the viewer cannot recognize what they see, thus they can be engaged with the visuals itself – no interference from pre-conceived notion of the object. Later, once they find out what they see, they are intimidated by visuals because of the pre-conceived notion


Noisy visual was created and its beauty was examined throughout the piece. In Shannon and Weaver’s communication model, noise source is introduced as something interrupts signal get crossed from information source to its destination. Noise source decreases delivered symbol’s accuracy, precision, and effectiveness. After all, noises are something bad, and less noise means better and clear reception. However, I like to focus on what noise can bring into this information flow. Noise sometimes acts as a filter that make some effects on the signal. There is a Japanese word, “Wabi,” which means a happy, beautiful accident, a moment of fortuitous beauty that is a result of an apparent accident. I like this sense of “alchemical” process. This noise piece was a result of my very own alchemical experiment with digitized “fossil.”

Sound Design: Original Version

Sound design for the promotional video for Mercedes/Frau company (Stock footage).

Sound Design: 2nd Version

Sound design for the promotional video for Mercedes/Frau company (Stock footage).


This is a video work I did with Jin Phil Shin in 2001. I wrote a script and did sound. I re-edited it in 2003. This is one of my few narrative video works.

Sour Apple

Sour Apple is a student film by Hai Ho. I participated as storyboard artist and sound design.

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