Nam's work metaphorically explores how technologies are used in various art disciplines and how people perceive these art “products” in various dynamics.  He studied Sonic Arts with Andrew Deutsch and Video with Peer Bode at Alfred University and Digital Media with Lev Manovich at UC San Diego.  Jessie Shefrin, Dean of Graduate Study at Rhode Island School of Art & Design, had influenced a lot to my media research while he studied with her at Alfred. 

Nam has a background in both art and science and possesses a unique ability to synthesize original projects and theoretical constructs that are both challenging and engaging.  Examples of this kind of approach can be seen in Silent Scream (2004, single channel video) where he utilizes complex mathematical formulas in the generation of “processing scores” and his unique approach to sound composition where geometric patterns are mapped across performance interfaces.

Nam has been able to synthesize the knowledge of digital technology and incorporate it into his work in ways that have been able to extend his ideas.  His sensibility to sound/image and his deep understanding of digital technology have allowed him to take advantage of working both traditionally and not traditionally.  In Fluxion (2004, video installation), he achieved to make a digital representation of natural event in mathematically calculated space with his unique ability of computer programming and he clearly showed what could happen when technology and art merges.

Nam is a serious inventor and artist who is making formidable work and an exciting artist with fantasy and vision in searching unconventional integration of art and science.  He invented many audio mixers and channel controllers, including Quadraphonic and Octaphonic Sound Perspective Generator, which users can move sound stream with a joystick or a control board he made in 3-dimensional space.  In 2003, he invented Sensor Board: Sensor Board is a modified keyboard that allows users to interface with computer with sensors instead of pushing buttons, and it opens many possibilities for artists, who want to explore more in interactive aspects.

As an artist, Nam has shown his sensibility toward sound and video throughout his working process, and his work has revealed new possibilities when art and technology merge. His work has been exhibited worldwide, including US, UK, and South Korea.

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