Throughout my project, I’d like to materialize concepts in mass media and its reception.  I have wondered how people perceive things.  Especially, I have focused on sharing various art forms with people with disabilities.

Disability might be politically incorrect.  Actually, it is culturally incorrect.  I believe that these people with physical challenges must be treated as people with different cultures.

In my previous projects, I had tried to “translate” various visual artworks into sound, so that visual art forms could be shared with visually impaired people.  It was my attempt to share things I appreciated with people who hadn’t had many chances to experience.

In my recent project, “Techniques for Visualization of Sound for Non-hearing People (Visual Keyboard),” I’m focusing on how to “translate” audio in to visual format, so that music could be shared with hearing-impaired people.  Especially, in this project, I’m working on developing software that can help hearing-impaired people learn piano, or keyboard, so that they can be engaged with musical instruments.


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