As a researcher, I focus on an interdisciplinary approach. I have made appearances and presentations in national and international venues. Currently, I work with researchers at Wake Forest School of Medicine as an investigator and consultant on a research project entitled, “Exploring Health Care Access among Korean-Americans in the Triad Using CBPR (Community-Based Participatory Research).” This project is funded by WFU Translational Science Institute and the research team that I work with was awarded for $40,000.00 for the pilot study this year. I have played a major role for this project from application process. I gathered resources from the Korean-American Association of Great Greensboro and led discussions finalizing the application. Currently I have collected data from 14 focus groups and 8 in-depth interviews from Korean language speakers. I transcribed and translated recorded data for the analysis using Grounded Theory. I will start the analysis process from mid-October with Professor Scott Rhode and prepare for a possible NIH grant opportunity next year.

Spring 2012, I conducted research on art and technology using the qualitative research skills I gained from working in communication schools. My peer reviewed journal paper “A Study on Conceptual Artworks that Features Art of Nothingness” was published in The Journal of Korean Society of Media & Arts Vol. 10, No. 2. In this paper, I articulate key concept of artwork that features nothing by John Cage and Tom Friedman. Also, my research paper, “Noise Study: How Noise Affects Delivery in Visual Communication,” has been accepted for publication at the Parsons Journal for Information Mapping.

I also offered my expertise on media research as Digital Archiving Researcher for Korea Manhwa Contents Agency. As Digital Archiving Researcher, I acted as a consultant to review “Cartoon and Animation Dictionary,” that explains the terminology used in animation. I have been involved in “The Encyclopedia of Cartoon and Animation” book project, which is scheduled to be released next year. I have collaborated with researchers in Korea. I have worked on research projects with government agencies in Korea, such as Korea Research Institute for Vocational Education & Training, the National Institute of the Korean Language, and Overseas Korean Foundation.

As an artist, I have focused on distributing my work internationally. My artwork has been featured in exhibits in South Korea, Myanmar, Bulgaria, Panama, and the United Kingdom. Recently, I have been selected as “Naver Artist” by Naver, the biggest portal company in South Korea. It is such a privilege as artist viewed in Korea, and only few chosen artists and their work are digitally archived by Naver. Also, I have been represented by Gallery Ari in Korea, and my work has been circulated in many art fares in Asian countries.

Recently, I was one of two foreign curators awarded a spot at an international curatorial competition “10 Curators & 10 Futures.” As a finalist, I had an exhibition in Seoul Art Center, one of the most prestigious art spaces in Korea. I was invited to many different galleries and museums and I am now negotiating few guest curatorships in Korea next year. With nationally renowned independent curator, Jade Dellinger, I have been proposed exhibitions on John Cage and other American modern artists. And, Namsong Art Museum and fnart SPACE are two venues to host this exhibition next year.

As a creative writer, I received awards from poem competitions in Korea. I am currently translating a book, “Pop Goes Korea: Behind the Revolution in Movies, Music, and Internet Culture” by Mark Russell. While translating, I offered my insight as a Korean-American media researcher to Mr. Russell and I am now helping him draft a new chapter on Gangnam Style, a YouTube sensation with 3 billion hits. Also, as Correspondent in US, I have written monthly columns for The National Institute of the Korean Language. Throughout my column, I discuss language policy and usage in US, reaching readers who are interested in Korean language and culture.

I have several goals for the future. I plan to write research papers with Dr. Scott Rhodes and apply for NIH grants next year. By the end of the year, I plan to publish a book with sonic artist and scholar, Andrew Deutsch on the topic experimental music through IEA, Institute for Electronic Music. The DVD on John Cage’s performance will be published once the John Cage Trust finishes reviewing the content for royalty issue. I will continue to focus on engaged learning while teaching new technologies so that I could establish and maintain my status as Teacher-Scholar and keep up with the field.




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