Marshall McLuhan once said, “The scientist rigorously defends his right to be ignorant of almost everything except his specialty.”  In this time of highly specialized research disciplines, this statement by one of the most influential media critics cannot be truer.  Researchers and scientists might have been very successful to discover every small thing under the magnifying glass, yet it has been hard to find connections between great discoveries.  That is why we recently witness many emerging interdisciplinary programs in academia.

I have tried to maintain my position as a critic throughout my research: I challenge, criticize, and add complexity into taken-for-granted notions.  This critical process allows me to deny any pre-conceived notion and to begin to question myself about what kind of a new possibility rises in different conditions.  Research to me has been one way to express my desire to “understand” this world.  My research style reflects one used by Structuralism/Post-Structuralism.  Like Sartre, Barthes, and Derrida, I like to touch whatever subject matter that matters to me.  Or, I start from one point and keep floating to the point, where I find the truth.  In this journey, there are many moments when I get the “Tao,” which is a Chinese character translated as “Way,” or “Path” directly and “Realization” or “Truth” indirectly.  In a sense, my research method combines French and Chinese ways of thinking.  I often practice my way of thinking by writing down one word and keep writing down other related words with lines connecting them.  In that way, I come up with a map of knowledge, and this map of knowledge is utilized and understood as wisdom later.

I have a background in both art and science and I believe that I possess a unique ability to synthesize researches that are both challenging and engaging.  Examples of these are in my DVD portfolio, and my work has been exhibited worldwide, including US, UK, and South Korea.  As a researcher, I am interested in Semiotics and Communication Theory applications in mass media and various art disciplines.  Currently, I’m working on new communication model, which I develop a unique concept of communication.  Recently, I had a presentation at the College Music Society’s 2007 Regional Conference (Pacific Central Chapter) – I shared my insights about how beginner piano student develops one’s decoding system of music notation at San Francisco State University on March.  Also, I had a visiting lecture entitled, “Mass Media and Mass Production” at Marymount Manhattan College, New York, NY on March.  Recently, I proposed a presentation entitled, “Mass Media and Generation X” and won UW-Platteville faculty members’ vote for Faculty/Academic Staff Development lecture.

Also, I am interested in international education with cultural merges.  I have tried to be connected with other cultures and help bring more diversity into the community I belong to.  My research and practicum on international education have been acknowledged to many conferences including Global Education 2007: Best Practices in International Education, which will be held at Green Lake, WI from October, 2007.  I proposed a new model for international student services on campus, and many campuses are interested in adapting his model.

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