I have a broad range of teaching interests and am highly interested in developing new curriculum in new media studies in both theory and practice.  With my education and expertise, I believe that I’m qualified to teach any art and communication classes as long as the subject makes me curious.  As stated above, I can have my own curiosity, challenge, and commitment to develop a class and teach.

In art education, I’ve dealt with many courses related to new digital technologies, which recent art world demands the most. Also, I am highly interested in developing new curricular that can be beneficial for art students who need to deal with up-to-today technology in real world.  In curriculum development, I have focused on materials that students would be interested in. Every semester, I teach two or three Independent Study courses, and these have served me as a channel to get to know what today's students want to learn.

In University of California, San Diego, I taught Introduction to Computing and the Arts and Computer Programming for the Arts as an academic staff.  Both courses equipped students with necessary theoretical knowledge and technical application by utilizing recent high-tech digital technologies.  In Alfred University, I co-designed a course entitled, Reactive Image with Prof. Xiaowen Chen.  This unique course offered students a chance to learn how to adopt electronic skills, including circuit design.  Also, students learned how to utilize programmable microcontroller in their artwork.  For this course, I invented Sensor Board, a modified keyboard that allows artists to use sensors instead of pushing keys.  In University of Wisconsin, Platteville, I designed both theory and studio courses, including History of Imaging, Digital Imaging, Principles of Interactivity, Multimedia Projects, Topics in Communication: Reactive Sound & Image, and Topics in Communication: Nature Photography.


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