In 21st century global leaders, I look for 5Cs.

  1. Competency
    Leader must be competent to carry a given task. One's competency proves one's leadership.
  2. Compatibility
    Leader must be compatible with the followers, or team members. Leader cannot exist without followers, or team members. Working alone would be convenient, but it doesn't last.
  3. Challenge
    Leader must allow challenges from the followers, or team members. To grow as a better leader, leader needs to learn how to take and handle challenges.
  4. Credibility
    Leader must gain credibility from the followers, or team members. Followers, or team members need a leader whose words and acts are synchronized, thus credible.
  5. Compassion
    Leader must be compassionate. Being truly compassionate is not easy, yet it will win followers', or team members' trust.
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