Teamwork must come before leadership. Problems related to leadership don't come from the lack of leadership. It comes from the lack of teamwork.

One thing I realized from my own study on teamwork and leadership is that we have nurtured too many leaders. One serious problem we face after finishing one session of leadership training is that all the participants claim to be leaders only after one ladership training. It wouldn't hurt much to have many confident leaders in our generation. Yet, true leadership comes from experiences of serving others and working as team.

Prior to leadership training, I believe that teamwork must be taught first. First step to sucess as a team is that all team members identify themselves as a part of one team. People often demand an effective leadership, yet leader cannot exist without a team.

Lack of Leaders?

I often hear people blaming leaders for all the organizational failures. In a sense, it's true. For the problem that occurs, there must be someone responsible, and often, leaders take the blame. Yet, it is inevitable for an organization to have problems, or even failures, and it cannot be justified to blame leaders for everything whenever the organizations face the problems.

Then, what would be the root of all these leadership-related problems? I'd say that it is caused by lack of leaders, or "true" leaders. Before we think about lack of leadership, we have to think about whether the current leaders that we have now possess quality required to be a true leader or not.

Due to its nature, organization needs a leader. And, it is very natural that leader within a group arises and claims the leadership. Yet, here, we have to think about the competency of the leader. Groups suffer from immature leaders, or leaders who shouldn't be appointed. That's why teamwork must be considered prior to leadership. If one truly cares about the team, one would be more careful to assess the leadership quality that one has because immaturity in leadership is directly related to a fate of the organization.

In a current trend of leader appointment, we often witness that leader's life-span is getting shorter and shorter. Why? Because we haven't been able to appoint the right one from the beginning and we haven't been patient enough to synchronize the growths of leader and organization. "True" leader will grow with the organization and show the leadership that will be praised from the growth within and of the organization.



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